Welcome to David Ayres' Lowcountry Custom Golf!

Our goal is to improve your golf game by providing custom fitting equipment as well as our expertise to improve your game with every swing! Whether it is a simple re-grip or a total bag make over we pride ourselves on our attention to the smallest detail to provide you with the tools and customer experience you cannot find anywhere else. 

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Meet the Experts


David Ayres brings more than 27 years of professional golf experience to every job he does, be it a simple club repair or a complete fitting. His expertise earned him a place among Golf Digest’s most recent list of “America’s 100 Best Clubfitters,”. As owner of Lowcountry Custom Golf since its founding in 2003, David has worked with players of all skill levels – from beginners to touring professionals.  Even before starting his own business, he built a broad foundation in the game as a club professional, teaching pro, expert club fitter and club repair technician, as well as golf retail manager.

Unlike many fitting centers and golf academies, Lowcountry Custom Golf is not affiliated with any one equipment manufacturer, allowing David to fit each individual player to clubs best suited to their game, regardless of brand. As a client, you can and will be confident that your clubs will be built and/or fitted to maximize your skills, each club, from the driver to the wedges, delivering the precise launch angle and optimal spin rate to get the most out of every swing you make.


Our Services Include

  • Wood Fitting

  • Iron Fitting

  • Wedge Fitting

  • Putter Fitting

  • Putter Training

  • Ball Fitting

  • Lessons

  • Club Repair

Our Product Line