Regripping your Clubs

When was the last time you had your grips changed? Chances are they are well over due for some special attention! 
The grip is one of the most over looked component of our clubs as many of us don't regrip as often as we should. It is very important to have them sized correctly, as well as having the right texture for your needs. 
Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, and Super Stroke are just a few of the companies who have recently released new models within their grips. Bring your clubs in for some special attention. Most regrips are a one day turn around!

Weight Management

 One of the best kept secrets in golf is being able to discover what the proper fit for your golf club is. Having the proper length, flex, lie angle, and grip size are all important variables to know when it comes to having the right fit clubs.

I believe one of the secrets to having the right shaft is in having the right weight shaft for you.

Weight Management is all about playing with the correct weight shaft in your golf clubs. Not all golfers are built the same, and neither should your clubs. Let's look at the individuals in the foursome you normally play your round of golf with. All of you are different; different heights, different shapes, looks and also all have their own unique golf swings. 


Let's assume for discussion that all four of you swing the driver at 100mph.

 Does that mean all of you will play with the same loft and shafted driver? More than likely no, you won't.

There are different weight shafts that best fit each player. Unlocking the secret of the right weight shaft for you is all about being fitted properly. As part of the fitting process we will discover the correct weight shaft for you based on your build and swing then uncover your best stiffness and loft based on these traits. Weight Management is part of discovering your swing DNA, no two are ever the same.

So do you play with the proper Weight Shafts?

Make the decision now to discover your weight, and begin to improve your golf game through better fit equipment.

Call now and make your appointment, and unlock the secret behind your perfect swing!